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  Re: Problems with megapov video animation from mechsim pov file  
From: Le Forgeron
Date: 13 Apr 2011 13:09:23
Message: <4da5d8c3$1@news.povray.org>
Le 13/04/2011 12:45, Korsarz nous fit lire :
> I ran the MEGAPOV  program to create mechsim video animations.
> To run the program I used  batch file "mp.bat", which I enclose.
> As the output file format I used bmp.
>  Unfortunately, it seems to me that this file is wrong, It does not have a tag
> type  at the beginning. To create a video animation  I used the AVIDEMUX
> program. The program could not read the  BMP file.
> I have questions:
> 1. Are any special settings to force the creation of proper BMP file?,

Interestingly, the extracted file does provide a nice thumbnail on the
gnome desktop, but eog, gimp & imagemagick all complains about it.
The properties of the file says it is a Targa file.
(Targa was the Unix +FS, so I guess the megapov provider just make one
source... )
Renaming to .TGA allow eog to open it fine.

png has my preference (as it support alpha), +FN ?

Within 3.7RC3 (irrelevant, I know), write to bmp is with +FB. I do not
know if it would work with megapov.

> 2. What program would be most appropriate to create video animations (such as in
> MPG format).

On windows, I do not know.
I would probably rely on ffmpeg from the command line.

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