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  Re: Changing the order of block rendering (not starting always topleft)  
From: Le Forgeron
Date: 22 Jul 2010 04:38:45
Message: <4c480395$1@news.povray.org>
Le 21/07/2010 22:41, clipka nous fit lire :
> Am 14.07.2010 21:04, schrieb Le_Forgeron:
>> Apply to 3.7beta38
> Did you make sure that it co-operates properly with the recent changes
> to radiosity pretrace (especially the adaptive pretrace mechanism)?

Does radiosity pretrace rely on the View object ?
Only the View object is impacted by this patch. (well, the option system
too; but that's only a minor addition)

> How about a mode that starts in the center and then goes around in
> "circles"?

Code is provided; it's basically adding 2 functions to replace the
previous computation made inline with modulo, twice in the code
(duplicating such code is a call for trouble in the futur).
Each function (one for X, the other for Y) is a switch statement which
choose how the bloc number is converted into X,Y block coordinates.
If you want more mode(s), just add your own case(s) in the switch, and
expand the clipped-range used for the option.

I do not have the math for computing a transformation which start at
center and goes around as circle (starting at center is easy and done
for mode 3 & 5, but circling is not, at least for me), feel free to
provide that if you can. (beware, the picture might not be a square, and
the numbering must cover any rectangle ratio)

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