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  Pov-Ray With Subdivision (Pov-Sub) v0.02 available  
From: Xiaobin Wu
Date: 21 May 2004 21:39:03
Message: <40aeaf37@news.povray.org>
It has been 10 days since we posted first version of pov-ray with
subdivision. The number of responses and downloads has been
certainly beyond our expectation. We are glad that if you found it useful.
All the feedback has positively motivated us to make it a better program.

Now we have the new version v0.02. It can be downloaded at the same place:

You will want to have the new version if your scene

  i) contains complex meshes.
   -  The performance of the new version is drastically better. Objects
      that require minutes before now only take seconds!

 ii) has "mesh" objects.
    - The support for "mesh" has been added

iii) has objects with boundaries
   - The boundary can be dealt with in two ways now. The default gives
    a smooth curve on the boundary. Another option is to discard the
    triangles without enough neighbors.

Xiaobin Wu
xwu### [at] ciseufledu

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