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  Re: Megapov website  
From: Yvo Smellenbergh
Date: 7 Nov 2006 11:12:41
Message: <1hofzli.169bzaw1pw1yhgN%yvo.s@gmx.net>
Ryan Bennitt <rya### [at] lycoscouk> wrote:

> Is it just me or is the Megapov website http://megapov.inetart.net/ 
> unavailable? I've tried to access it a few times over the past few weeks
> with no success. IE6 says "Cannot find server or DNS Error" while Firefox 2
> says "The connection has timed out". I can resolve the ip address to 
>, but it ain't responding...

It happens rather frequently lately that the site is down.
Most of the time only a few hours but sometimes more than one day.
Right now we can't do anything about it.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

To Kyle, I fixed the projection.pov file on the site, thanks for
reporting this.
I also send you an e-mail but I don't fill out forms for people to get
my e-mails! ;-)


MegaPOV at:  http://megapov.inetart.net
MacMegaPOV at:  http://users.skynet.be/smellenbergh
E-mail: yvo### [at] gmxnet

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