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  Anyone made a static build of 3.8.0-Beta2?  
From: The Traveler
Date: 6 Oct 2021 15:50:00
Message: <web.615dfd9a8f905ffbdd31149be3dfee7c@news.povray.org>
Howdy folks,
I recently downloaded and compiled 3.8.0-Beta2 with dynamic linking on my
Lubuntu 20.04 box. Then I though, let's try a static build.

Nope. Got this error: cannot compute sizeof (size_t)

A bit more sleuthing turned up ...

I hadn't noticed it but it appears Ubuntu-based distros have removed practically
all their system static .a files but also installed a glibc that only compiles
to dynamic-linked .so builds. To build a static binary, I'd have to do a lot of
work, including compiling the glibc (gcc) compiler itself with --enable-static
invoked. It appears a number of the other dependencies would also need
re-compiling as with static .a libs too.

Wondering if anyone else, perhaps on another distro, has compiled a static
version of 3.8.0-Beta2.


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