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  no EXR in linux  
From: green
Date: 24 Apr 2018 21:25:00
Message: <web.5adfd6693b63f409f3726380@news.povray.org>
linux versions 3.7, 3.8 and uberpov will not write or read EXR file formats.
trying to write gives a command-line-option error, whereas trying to read an EXR
gives a more useful

This unofficial POV-Ray  binary was built without support for the OpenEXR file
format.  You must either  use an official POV-Ray binary or recompile the
POV-Ray sources on a system  providing you with the OpenEXR library to make use
of this facility.
 Alternatively, you may use any of the following built-in formats: HDR.
Fatal error in parser: Cannot open file.
Render failed

how does one do that?

this is ubuntu 16.04  kernel 4.4.108, the following libraries are installed;
and associated
all of these are version 2.2.0-10ubuntu2

thank you.

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