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  Re: Yet ANOTHER silently missing dev library  
From: Harald Jörg
Date: 9 Oct 2021 08:02:09
Message: <616184c1@news.povray.org>
Cousin Ricky <ric### [at] yahoocom> writes:

> Is there a comprehensive list of development libraries required to
> compile POV-Ray 3.7+ in its *entirety?*

On Debian based system, POV-Ray is available as a package - but of
course that's always some version considered "stable".  This is helpful,

When I set up to compile 3.8 beta, I looked at the dependencies of the
binary package - and then installed the header files for each of them.
Look for the same name followed by -dev.  If you use the names _without_
a version number (e.g. libboost-thread-dev instead of
libboost-thread1.67-dev), then OS upgrades should give you always the
"recent" version for your platform.

You can see the list either with your package manager, or online:

My compilation of POV-Ray 3.8.0-beta.2.unofficial went quite nice from

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