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From: Laura Benson
Subject: POV,POSER & SHADE 7
Date: 1 Oct 2004 04:37:52
Message: <415cdf20@news.povray.org>
I originally posted this in "off topic"

Hey, check this out!
 Ahigh end Modeller intimately integrated with Poser that,...
Renders to POVRay 3.0

This is the link to the .pdf that tells what Shade 7, standard and 
professional editions, outputs to.


Since Curious Labs and e-frontier merged, I've been watching them. When 
I saw that that the top end editions rendered to POV-Ray, I contacted 
Curious Labs and particularly pointed this out to them. I told them I 
would wait until those editions became available in English that I would 
seriously consider it. They apparently decided to add it to the standard 

I'm Ecstatic, Hope this is Good News for someone?


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