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  Re: When will the new MORAY be out?  
From: Hildur K 
Date: 19 Jul 2007 11:25:02
"Deadhead_DMT" <Dea### [at] hotmailcom> wrote:
> I know you all have obtained the Morary license now.  I have been using
> moray for many many years....  but my newest computer (windows XP) seems to
> have problems with it and it will crash periodically.   I am hoping the new
> POV-Moray version will correct this, but WHEN WILL IT BE RELEASE?  Is there
> anything we can do to help accelerate the release?
> I cannot afford high priced commercial 3D editors, and I love doing 3D
> graphics, but I need the tools to do that....  I know I could do the work
> with POV alone, but I am much more of a visual graphics artist rather than
> a code-based graphics artist...  it just takes me too long to try to do any
> type of graphic using only the POV program....  I NEED some sort of 3D
> modeling front end that will access POV's power.....  the MORAY program has
> provided me wonderful graphic creations in the past and I want to be able to
> continue to utilize POV through it.....
> Please!  When will the MORAY program be finished?????
> Thank you in advance, please advise....
> David

Hi David

I´ve used Moray for years too, like you I need a graphical interface or I´m
completely lost. I have been running Moray build 9330 on Win 2000 smoothly
for a long time but I remember a period some years back where I had a
similar problem with this build crashing a lot. I never really found out
what was the problem, I faintly remember re-installing first Povray and
then Moray and that solved the issue. Of course I can´t be sure, but I
think the problem had something to do with drivers and/or some other
application installed in the same period.

Also I remember trying to use some very complicated meshes through Poseray
and it also crashed Moray several times. Some work on the meshes solved the

I have also used Moray a few times on WinXP on several machines, no
incidents, so I think your problem may be related to your system. Yes I
know, trying to find the bugger can be time consuming, but as far as I´m
concerned Moray seems to be very stable.

I think I´ve read somewhere around here some messages with issues with Moray
when using Povray 3.6 and maybe 3.7, that could also be your problem. You
should check out these messages, maybe people eventually found a
workaround. I´m still using 3.5 as it works for me.

I don´t think any other software can replace Moray completely. It´s
specially designed to work with Povray, it doesn´t just export to Povray,
it writes Pov scene description language. You can make most things in your
scene, materials and textures and adjust radiosity from within the program
to name a few. It makes it possible to finish a good image without ever
writing a single line of code. It doesn´t support every single feature, but
what the heck... it works.

I agree with you, I would welcome some news about Moray, I think it´s a
great tool and easy to use and learn. I would probably never have gotten
into using Povray in the first place if it wasn´t for Moray.


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