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  Re: When will the new MORAY be out?  
From: Stephen
Date: 12 Jul 2007 14:25:02
"Deadhead_DMT" <Dea### [at] hotmailcom> wrote:

> I cannot afford high priced commercial 3D editors, and I love doing 3D
> graphics, but I need the tools to do that....  I know I could do the work
> with POV alone, but I am much more of a visual graphics artist rather than
> a code-based graphics artist...  it just takes me too long to try to do any
> type of graphic using only the POV program....  I NEED some sort of 3D
> modeling front end that will access POV's power.....  the MORAY program has
> provided me wonderful graphic creations in the past and I want to be able to
> continue to utilize POV through it.....

If Moray is not working for you and you need a modeler you could try
Bishop3D. It is undergoing beta tests but it is workable, in the main. It
does have limitations and some are different than Moray’s. It also has
features that Moray does not such as importing SDL.
New testers welcome :-)



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