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  Re: i found a free one - digi lab voodoo  
From: Günther Dietrich
Date: 6 Aug 2007 08:25:09
Benjamin <nan### [at] webde> wrote:

>thanks for your awnsers. i found a non-commercial camera tracker and that one 
>seems to be 
>very powerfull. you can find it here:

I was also looking for a camera tracker, but even didn't know, how it's 
My only clue was 'photogrammetry' and 'remote sensing'. Based on this, I 
found Grass GIS, which -- among _many_ other things -- does 
photogrammetry. But I don't think, that it is really suited to the task 
of camera tracking in video sequences.

So, many thanks for the hint, it may be very helpful.

Best regards,


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