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  Re: Merry Christmas  
From: Alain
Date: 23 Dec 2010 23:54:46
Le 2010-12-23 09:48, Paolo Gibellini a écrit :
> See image in p.b.i.
> Paolo

Nome advices:

Don't use assumed_gamma. It's deprecated.
hf_gray_16 should be left out. When using version 3.7, you need to use a 
command line switch.
max_intersextion is deprecated and phased out. It may cause an error in 
future versions.
number_of_wave should be left out most of the time. If you set it, it's 
good practice to reset it to 10 at the end of the scene.

For the media, intervals default to 1 and MUST be left at that value. 
(default value = 1 with method 3, was 10 when using method 1)

samples only use a single value. That value should always be larger than 
3 and default to 10. You can put a second value, but it will always be 
silently ignored.

ratio is not used. (was used with method 1)

The values used in your scene are left over from version 3.1 and earlier 
that used sampling method 1. Since version 3.5, the default is sampling 
method 3.

When using radiosity, diffuse 1.3 can give unexpected over brightening.

Without radiosity, diffuse plus ambient should total 1 or less to have a 
realistic result.


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