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From: simbad
Date: 27 Oct 2019 09:20:01
Message: <web.5db5988d68e3c02c9cfad62f0@news.povray.org>
Hello all,

I did a fork of eticres excelent work, https://github.com/eticre/povmodeler, on
removing the KDE stuff from the original source and moving the qt code to some
modern version.

As I fixed an exception on closing the library browser I do not only tried to
prevent the situation but to understand how this could happen.
I found that the particular object involved gets deleted while executing its own
destructor. I then tried to find the cause for this behaviour and
failed on understanding the code and what parts are done where.

After some code exploration tours, and some mild changes, I thought the best
would be to re-new the UI.
The original code is nearly 20 years old and realy needs an upgrade. So I went
on with the fork. First thing was to isolate the model store from the UI. This
is already done and loading some examples works.

But after a week of good progress I am afraid that I started a work nobody will
ever use. So it would be interesting to know if anyone is using the original and
would be interested in some new UI that should lead to new features.

So please give me some hint.

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