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From: Steve
Subject: Feature Request - render_from_url();
Date: 28 Dec 2009 05:09:16
Message: <Xns9CEF346E2E23Astevezeroppsuklinuxn@>
I'd like to suggest a feature which would be something like render_from_url
(http://www://www.wherever.org/somefile.pov;  which you could put in the ini 
file or on command line, render from the file at the url but put the image 
on a local (or network) drive as specified in the ini files. 

I also have a general suggestion about posting feature requests, that 
people could put something in the subject line of their post like [FR] or 
[FRQ] at the beginning of the subject so that it would be easy to compile a 
list of feature requests or filter them out etc.  



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