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  Re: HELP: INI Settings Wrong  
From: Bald Eagle
Date: 4 Apr 2020 09:15:01
Message: <web.5e888793dd1a5c95fb0b41570@news.povray.org>
Hi Sven - I hope you are in better health, spirits, and things are looking up.

> > I have a problem: I changed my harddrives and order of drive letters.
> > POV-Ray still starts, but it cannot find any INI files etc, as they are
> > not on C but on drive F.

My naive untested solution would be to look at / solicit feedback about / check
the docs for - where the files normally get installed, and then just change
everything to F: where C: exists.

> > I also cannot find any longer the POV-Ray master Ini file. In the past,
> > there was a button to load that INI file.

(/media/oem/OS/ is the windows partition on my C drive)

executables are in: /media/oem/OS/Program Files/POV-Ray/v3.7/bin/
but I can't seem to find the directory with the ini files.
(This secret info ought to be written to a log and stored in a .txt file in the
user directory.)

> > And I also searched the Windows registry for a place where I could
> > correct the path, but the only path I found was only for scene files
> > which I set to drive F.
> >
> > How to make POV-Ray, when starting, searching for the files on drive F
> > instead of drive C?


I'd say for the present, just start searching the system for the filenames and
try to find out where they all are by brute force.

Bill Pokorny wrote:
> On unix based systems it's also possible to symbolically link across
> file systems. Possible to point from a "C drive" directory to the real
> directory and files on the "F drive" by setting up a link.

Can you provide a working example of how to do this with the Windows font
directory?  (use a dummy Linux directory as a surrogate)
I tried the symbolic link, but it doesn't really seem to work for me at present,
so it apparently still needs some small tweak.

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