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  Re: whither POV-Ray ??  
From: jr
Date: 22 Jul 2020 12:30:01
Message: <web.5f1868f117b7b05f4d00143e0@news.povray.org>

Chris Cason <del### [at] deletethistoopovrayorg> wrote:
> ok so it seems I'm not quick enough for some. This is because I was
> taking the time to communicate with enough people to be sure that I
> could present a clear set of facts that correctly reflect the current
> situation, as giving out wrong information is worse than saying nothing
> at all.

the "some" refers to me, I take it.  (I do prefer directness, always.  :-))

well I waited a full working week plus one day for you to follow up.  just a
one-line reminder (like you wrote on the 12th) would have made a difference.

(and the irony is, had no one replied to my post to TdG (21st), the thread would
have stopped there and then.  with "misgivings", for sure, but ended)

> whatever. I'll keep this short and to the point.
> ...
> I was prepared to ignore the negative and insulting tone of many posts
> in this thread for the benefit of the project but this is enough, as it
> has reminded me of one of the reasons I dislike managing open-source
> projects: settling the squabbles and disagreements between contributors.
> No matter whose side I take and for whatever reason someone will be
> unhappy and I'll be the 'bad guy'.  ...

that goes with the territory though, the person "wearing the hat" takes the
flak.  (but I can see that 25 years take their toll)

> ...
> As for the website: again I was going to post a longer explanation but
> I'll simply say the box it's running on is 15 years old, on its last
> legs, difficult to manage/upgrade as it's in the US and I'm not and no
> longer has a working IPKVM, and does not run a CMS to speak of. I'm
> loath to touch it in any meaningful way until I have it replaced.  ...

good to know, and does explain the not-news section and more.

> ...
> Finally, about Moray: some points are valid. I wish I'd gotten it out
> before now. However the source still needs auditing. Over the years I'd
> had volunteers work on it (then give up) and even hired a dev once (who
> then ghosted me). It's working OK I think and I was in communication
> with Lutz as recently as a few months ago about finishing off
> integration (we both decided we don't do enough C++ anymore to handle it
> ourselves, though it's likely I could if I really wanted to). FWIW in
> case anyone cares Lutz has recently added STL import/export.
> I was also considering handing the source off to a volunteer to audit,
> sort out some library issues, and generally polish it if they were
> willing: if a reader considers they are qualified and will actually
> FINISH the job please contact me and we'll talk about it.

seems a shame that the conversion of Moray[*] has turned into a "never-ending

[*] have never used it, but, based on others's opinions, had hopes to see a
modeller for GNU/Linux which works hand-in-glove with POV-Ray.

> But I want to
> make one thing clear to those who seem to think that I somehow 'owe' the
> community a Moray release. Moray was NOT 'given' to the POV-Ray project.
> I purchased it from the author. It's my property and while I have stated
> I will release it under an open-source license up and until the time I
> do I would ask you treat this matter with the same respect as you would
> have treated it if it were still shareware owned by Lutz - you wouldn't
> write him and bitch about him not releasing the source or making it
> free, so don't do it to me.

I can only speak for myself, but paying for a tool one wants to use is

(and that extends, of course.  I remember mention of willingness to help with
POV-Ray[*] by taking out subscription and or purchasing content, in previous
threads in the newsgroups, but you probably did not read those.
[*] and yes, not being able to offer worthwhile _practical_ help and being
reduced to offering money does .. not feel very good)

but anyway, thank you for providing a little insight wrt near future.

regards, jr.

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