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From: Orchid XP v8
Date: 8 Mar 2009 17:45:15
Message: <49b43c6b$1@news.povray.org>
Chambers wrote:

> As it is, my power bill is too expensive :(

My mum is always complaining at me about my PC using too much power.

...on the other hand, my PC uses a *maximum* of 650W. It cannot use any 
more power than that. Most of the time, it uses more like 100W. So, 
about as much as a single light bulb. You wanna guess how many light 
bulbs there are in this house??

And let us not forget, running the kettle uses THREE THOUSAND FIVE 
HUNDRED WATTS. So, at much as 35 light bulbs. I am unable to measure the 
electric shower (since it's hard-wired), but I anticipate a similar 
value. The kettle, the toaster, the washing machine, the tumble drier... 
all use at least ten times the piffling amount my PC uses.

(I played CSS for 2 hours straight, and that used 0.17 kWh. But running 
the washing machine for a normal cycle used twice that. And the 
dishwasher used three and a half times more again.)

Seriously. A PC is not a real high-power device. If you want to lower 
your bills, look for anything that makes stuff hot. (Lighting, heating, 
washing, etc.)


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