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  Re: World Community Grid  
From: Chambers
Date: 8 Mar 2009 17:33:28
Message: <49b439a8$1@news.povray.org>
On 3/8/2009 11:18 AM, Saul Luizaga wrote:
> http://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/about_us/viewAboutUs.do
> http://www.one.org/
> If you have any spare core(s)/CPU(s) please help to help, is for
> Humanity sake, thank you.

When I have spare cores/CPUs, I power them down.  Once I get my roof 
coated in solar cells, with a windfarm behind my house, and I'm selling 
power back to the grid despite running everything 24/7, THEN I'll 
consider giving away my CPU time.

As it is, my power bill is too expensive :(


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