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  OC modules by the numbers  
From: Cousin Ricky
Date: 25 Jul 2011 01:40:01
So I was bored.  I went through the Object Collection search page, and this is
what I came up with:

Number of modules: 84

Number of modules with on-line documentation: 32

Number of modules that include thumbnails: 83

Number of modules with multiple versions: 27

Number of modules with multiple contributors: 3

Number of modules rated "Completely Compliant" by the contributor: 81

Number of modules confirmed "Completely Compliant" by an administrator: 12

Number of modules contributed by someone other than chrisb that are confirmed
"Completely Compliant" by an administrator: 1

Number of modules with prerequisites: 1
(I did not count DisplayCase or Galaxy.)

Number of user-rated modules: 3
Average rating: 4.33

Number of modules with user comments: 3

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