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From: Sven Littkowski
Subject: Upcoming Render Competition at Terra Romana!
Date: 12 Mar 2005 14:50:01
Message: <web.42334798634e2d543d1c955e0@news.povray.org>
To everyone as public announcement:
The online project Terra Romana with its portal for ancient ships, Forum
Navis Romana (http://Navis.TerraRomana.org) is inviting you all to
participate the upcoming render competition. The competition has the
following focus for render scenes containing ancient ships:
- Sea Battles
- Harbour Views
- Trade Scenes
- Deck Views
- Ship Models.

The Forum Navis Romana is going to be an archeological project and
concentrates ancient Roman ships and the ships of other countries during
the Roman era (BC 753 to AD 1452).

Even before launch of the websites, you can find already now one inspiring
full-detailed illustration there. There are 250 more high-resolution
illustrations being accessable after launch.

Questions and inquiries please at "Inf### [at] TerraRomanaorg", first render
artwork please to "ent### [at] TerraRomanaorg". Later on, there will be easy
online forms for artwork uploads. Please contact us anytime convenient for

Similar to the "Hall of Fame" at the POV-Ray website, we will have a "Palace
of the Glorious".


Sven Littkowski

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