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From: David Burnett
Subject: planetGenesis 1.3
Date: 5 Jul 2004 14:16:46
Message: <40e99b0e$1@news.povray.org>
There's a new release of planetGenesis available at


download from


planetGenesis is an open source Java terrain generator. It creates 16 
bit PNG height fields, povray and wavefront meshes and Terragen ter files.

New features...

New noises PerlinWorley and SummedPerlinWorley.
A neutral background colour for the 3D preview so darker bitmaps show up 
Only one 3D preview window.
3D preview now updates current 3D window.
Dialogues stay on top.
Tweaked Terragen settings to use minimum and maximum heights like Terragen.
A No Operation function, acts as a pass through.
Warnings for NaN's from combiners.

Double Click to bring up the properties.
"Randomize" button for seed values.
Increased size of value fields
Zoom options.
RoughScale function (roughly scales the current noise)

plus one that was actually in 1.2 but I forgot to mention,
tooltips for the noise graph icons


965420: 3D preview: flat height fields doesn't show up
965405: Typo in Terragen properties dialogue
965400 : All Worleys: pG shuts down when Neighbours == 0
963294: Terragen file format: base height + elevation
959168: Update of preview icons
959149: ".pov" gets added to .ter file name
959148: existing files are overwritten without warning
945167: Terrain > Run: handling of invalid file/path name


On Windows, the first run on planetGenesis was slow.
On Linux, 3D preview would occasionally kill pG. Probably the same bug as...
pG breaks Java3D'S 32 3DCanvas limit so 3D previews stop working.
Misc. fixes for bugs you never probably knew about.


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