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  Maya and POV-Ray integration  
From: Prashant
Date: 7 Mar 2007 09:35:00
Message: <web.45eecc9c8f3dbeb786b098630@news.povray.org>

I have started the development of Maya to POV-Ray file translator with
complete integration in it.
Although I am not much familiar with all the capabilities of POV-Ray but I
have been digging into it from past few weeks.

I have worked on the porting of "Liquid", Maya to Renderman translator and I
would love to see the integration of POVr with Maya. I would like to get
support from the POVr development team to contribute in this project.

The initial road map that has been pinned down is this:

1.Maya to POVr file translator (for now polygon & NURBS support only)
2.Pigment Manager written in MEL.(Maya Emended Language)
3.Attribute Manager in MEL.
4.Render Globals in MEL.

Some of the important feature that will surely stand POVr with it's
competitors are:

1. Run time subdivision
2. True Displacement using normal maps generated using applications like
3. Render Passes Framework.

I am not sure but some of the features has been implemented using patches as
I have found on couple of forums. If you do have a road map to integrate
these features into next release then please let me know.


Prashant Saxena
Pantheon Studios


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