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  Re: Pov-Ray With Subdivision available  
From: Christoph Hormann
Date: 13 May 2004 07:00:02
Xiaobin Wu wrote:
> First of all, thanks to all that responded or tested my patch.
> I have posted the modified source. There are five files modified:
> tokenize.cpp, mesh.h, mesh.cpp, parse.h, parse.cpp
> ( I want to thank Andrew for testing it under Linux. )
> Also I wish the code is only used in Pov-Ray community. 

Thanks for the code, a first glance at the code revealed the following 

- you seem to discard any normal vectors specified for the mesh - this 
might often not be what the user wants and more important using the 
normal vectors could save you quite some computations (i.e. determining 
the neighbouring triangles).

- i can't find a reason why it should only work for mesh2 and not mesh.

Please use the follow-up i set for this posting, the news-submissions 
group is not for discussion.


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