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  SMPOV 4.3/Distri27: Preview for single Pictures etc.  
From: * * * Theo Gottwald
Date: 2 Mar 2005 12:36:54
Message: <4225f9b6$1@news.povray.org>

SMPOV is the first, but shurely not the final answer for POV-Ray into the 
"Multi-CPU future", which is definitely soon to come. People say "2005 is 
the first Multip CPU Year".

The actual Version 4.3 has been enhanced, as mostly on user contributions 
and wishes.

SMPOV Version 4.3:

- Dennis Bollyn provided a new Preview-feature to SMPOV.
If you check the "Display-Checkmark", you get a Preview-window how far your 
actual picture is been rendered.
This feature may not be usefull if you render 100th of pictures, cause the 
current implemetation opens a new "Preview Process" for each Picture to be 
There may be minor changes about this in next versions, depending on user 

However even this first strike is already a nice feature to see on the 
"Master PC" how your Picture grows at several places.

Dennis writes:
I've attached the cleaned up version of the code. Included is the full
source and a binary (in Release). You run it in the same way as the old
version. In addition, I've add a switch (/f) that allows you to run the
previews in fullscreen. Feel free to do anything you want with it, I'll
release it under the GPL for now.

Best Regards,
Dennis Bollyn
Therefore, I have included the Sourcecode for the Preview-feature, so 
everyone can make changes (please share them with us).

SMPOV becomes a new "PlugIn-Interface.
- If there is a file called "Plugin.ini" in the SMPOV-Folder, you may 
automatically start
  your own EXE files at several defined stages in the rendering process 
(synchronous, asynchronous etc.).  For rough documentation ofthis new 
feature see the provided "Example_Plugin.ini".

The interface is a result of a mail-discussion between me and Dennis.
It can be used to "Plug all sorts of PlugIns" into the Render Process 
(synchronous or asynchrounous). You supply an EXE-file, which gets started 
together with Informations about the actual processed filepath at several 
stages in the "Pipeline".

For most users maybe of less interest:
I have increased the possible Maximum Resolution  >15000x15000. I got mails 
from Architects who use SMPOV for big Posters. Please report any problems.

As said, I guess the Preview feature may get some changes next time, I'll 
just add new about this as answers to this post.

best regards

Theo Gottwald
Distributed Network-Rendering or Local SMP-Rendering. With SMPOV and POV-Ray
3.6. * Download free at: http://www.it-berater.org/smpov.htm

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