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  Surcoat2Hair Macros released!  
From: Tim Nikias
Date: 10 Feb 2005 11:35:15
The Surcoat2Hair-Macros are a plug-in for my Surcoat-Macros. They generate a
set of mesh2 hairs which are placed at the samples' locations. Instead of
generating a hair per sample and using tons of memory, the macros create a
subset and reuse the hairs. This approach only works with mesh-hairs: when
reusing a mesh, POV-Ray doesn't load another version of the mesh into the
memory, but instead only creates a pointer to the mesh, which is, of course,
a lot smaller than the mesh itself.

The ZIP can be downloaded from here:
http://www.nolights.de/download.html#sc2hair, a nice example of the macros
at work can be found here: http://www.nolights.de/v2gallery/pages/fffc.html

Note that you need to download the latest Surcoat-Macro release as well!


"Tim Nikias v2.0"
Homepage: <http://www.nolights.de>

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