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  Re: [ANNOUNCE] MacMegaPOV 1.2.1 Universal Binary final  
From: Russell Towle
Date: 16 Jun 2006 23:25:00
Message: <web.449375c76e439f6a39b2bf190@news.povray.org>
yvo### [at] gmxnet (Yvo Smellenbergh) wrote:
> MacMegaPOV 1.2.1 Universal Binary final is ready for downloading.
> We recommend this version for all PPC G5, PPC G4, PPC G3 and Intel based
> Macintosh computers running system 10.3.9 or later (older system
> versions are not supported).

Thanks so much Yvo for your wonderful wonderful work on MacMegaPOV!

The New Universal version of May 26, 2006, weighs in at around 17MB compared
to a little over 6MB for the Old version 1.2 of July 7, 2005. Wow! There
must be two versions of MMP bundled in there, I guess.

Some rough benchmarks give the following results. First, the scene file
calls a number of #include files, each containing a long list of polygons.
I rendered to 600X600 at Quality 9 and anti-alisaing on, Method 2. So far
as I was able I used the exact same settings in both versions. I distrusted
the results on the Old version, so ran the test twice.

Old: parse time, 79 seconds (90 seconds), render time, 78 seconds (78
New: parse time, 0 seconds, render time, 22 seconds.

The New version does not need Rosetta and runs native. Still, I am puzzled
that it can rip through all the #include files so very quickly, that parse
time comes to 0 seconds. That is exactly what it seems to take, when I
watch it render. And the Old version slowly slogs through the same #include
files, reading 100K, 200K, 500K, however many "tokens."

At any rate, job well done and thank you very much!

I only wish we still had QuickTime export! I have many animations waiting!


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