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From: Luis
Subject: [FR] Cadeau de Noel en Avance : POV Town
Date: 7 Dec 2007 06:42:25
Message: <pan.2007.>
Voilà mon cadeau de Noel en avance :

POV Town 

1ere ville d'Ile de France

avec + de 63700 habitants


Merci à tous pour vos clics et vos encouragements 

You're the BEST !!


Et voici la suite ::

The famous original french game Miniville has been extended into a 
international one, named Myminicity.
In this game, anyone can create its own city on the whole 
planet and make it growing by the way of link visit.

The forum CreateMyCity (http://createmycity.xooit.com/) is the
first international community for this game. On this board, you will find
a lot of minicity world gamers to make click exchange, discuss and
exchange ideas about Myminicity. You will also find a lot of tips, and
tools, websites and softwares for your minicities. 

Don't forget to support the Povray Town


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