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  Distributed Pov-Ray  
From: Manuel Mata
Date: 12 Dec 2003 15:20:01
Message: <web.3fda21cf46b8137b53b668890@news.povray.org>
Anyway there's no message since a month ago I post this.

Since I know that pov-ray can render image sections I wonder if there would
be possible make images through the net. There are a lot of users who
surely have their computer 24h on. So, why not render portions of the
images on those computers ? There would be a main server who redistribute
the source code on those PC and everyone should render a portion of the
image and submit to the server. Automatically. Then the server should
return the whole image to the user. The same for animations ...

It is only an idea but if it were possible (I think it is) we could get
those images that have a render time of x days y hours made in some
minutes. The same for animations ...

Anyway here I post the idea.

Sorry for my english.

Manuel Mata.

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