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  Re: Attack of The Obamatrons  
From: Patrick Elliott
Date: 5 Apr 2011 19:35:18
Message: <4d9ba736$1@news.povray.org>
Wow! And here is a perfect example of why we can't tell the real 
conspiracies from the total bullshit ones. Hint: The Koch brothers:

1. funds nearly every Tea Party candidate's election, and a lot of other 
2. created the CATO institute, which is a major player in presenting 
"evidence against global warming".
3. funds nearly every other right wing think tank in the country, 
probably close to 100 million in the last year.
4. was behind the "Citizens United" BS that got the supreme court to 
state that corporations should have *unlimited* right to funnel money to 
political elections.
5. doesn't like the EPA, and a lot of other government programs, 
including taxes, because they a) where fined almost as much as they 
donated to think tanks and politicians, b) they don't want to pay 
anything at all, c) probably has stock in private insurance companies 
(which is why medicare must die and be replaced with vouchers, as per 
the latest insanity from the Teabag party).
6. other things going on in the insane congress we now have are likely 
coincidence, because only completely insane people would go along with 
any of this, and such people are bound to have a whole host of other 
insane ideas.

In any case, none of this implies the 9/11 truther BS, or half the rest 
of the mad nonsense you have ***no evidence for***, just strung together 
bullshit. Seriously, there would be no point in creating 9/11 for people 
like Koch. They don't "control" foreign oil. They never will. The 
current bunch of idiots are "drill baby drill", with the intent of, 
somehow, replacing foreign oil wells with our own, so *they* make all 
the money, not some foreign nation in the middle east.

And seriously, as to the Japan BS, they are **more** advanced in some 
respects than we are, when it comes to nuclear stuff, and technology. We 
might develop something but they get it built *first*, and its often 5-6 
years until anything like it ever gets seen in the US. You really think 
that a country that hasn't built a nuke plant in decades, uses out of 
date reactors, etc. produce "better" radiation suits? What, we take them 
directly out of bullshit movies, where the science and facts about 
radiation are *never* right? Because that is the only place where those 
things don't leak in water, last days without poisoning, let you breath 
without using filters or hoses, etc. In other words, its the only place 
you will find "better" protection.

Then again, given the amount of gibberish and fiction you dumped here, I 
wouldn't be at all surprised you would imagine we have better technology 
for this stuff than the people that get the *first crack* at every damn 
thing we ever invent in the US, even before the nearly non-existent 
"manufacturing" industry in the US.

We need to deal with "real" conspiracies. If you fall for every idiot 
one that comes along, without knowing one bit about where it came from, 
odds are more then 90% of the nonsense you are worried about comes 
"from" the very people you should be worried about (after all, keeping 
you confused prevents you from doing jack shit about the real danger). 
Otherwise, all of the nonsense you posted is indistinguishable from 
creationism, cargo cultism, etc. They all have two things in common: 1) 
A complete lack of depth, self checking, or evidence that their 
'evidence' is the only correct explanation, 2) since there is no 
substance to any of it, you just build the veneer of an idea.

Someone recently described science books as, "A simple explanation of 
ideas that are built on such vast data, evidence and information, it 
wouldn't *fit* in such a book. Its not science, its a description of 
what science says." This is the cargo cult aspect of everything from 
intelligent design, to conspiracy hypothesis (as apposed to those 
supported by clear evidence, which makes me sad you use the word theory 
at all). You seem to comprehend that you need to present an idea to get 
it seen, but you think that building a flat surface, and a few towers 
(i.e. publishing the shit in a book) will magically cause the 
*substance* of the idea to appear, much like building fake airports was 
intended to entice airplanes to land again. But, its a stage prop, a 
facade of plausibility, over a vast empty pit of nothing but 
happenstance, accident, and mad attempts to connect them to each other.

All that believing this shit does is give the real assholes doing real 
things to us a lever to make you do what they want, via fear and 
paranoia, and an opportunity to laugh their asses off, every time you 
fail to see something they are actually doing, or get you to vote 
against your best interests, by doing what they want instead. In short, 
you need help, and not getting it is doing a disservice to those of us 
trying to understand, and vote to fix (or work to fix) real problems, 
being caused by real people, with real goals, and not 50 different 
contradictory ones, which even your fellow "theorists" can't agree on, 
or avoid contradicting each other over.

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