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From: Leroy
Subject: NEW animated Pulley and Belt System
Date: 24 Dec 2019 19:30:02
Message: <web.5e02660472ce4a59de1b63a0@news.povray.org>
After weeks of playing with pulleys and belts I finally got a system up and
working and on my website.
 It's in Tools under Pov Files at http://leroyw.byethost15.com/

 It is a little complicated, you choose a belt type then fix a pulley style.
Then place a number of pulleys with different radii and make a belt. Finally you
put them all together.
 I made a pov file for each of these things and a master file to keep track and
hopefully make life simpler.
 What you get when your done is a union of lathe objecta(Pulleys) and
a mesh2 belt(with uv mapping) placed in the z=0 plane with default textures,
ready to animate.

Hope you can use it. I'm going to make a Hot Rod.
Have Fun!

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