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From: William F Pokorny
Subject: Regarding recent spam to the newsgroups.
Date: 5 Dec 2019 11:23:07
Message: <5de8e89b@news.povray.org>
A few of you have responded to spam messages. Where obviously spam it's 
better not to respond or to follow any of the links in the posts. This 
can be hard to determine as sometimes the messages and links look sort 
of reasonable.

If you think spam has gone missed after some time, responding to it OK 
as a way to get us to notice it, but then, please, do not include the 
original link text in your response - because then it needs to be 
deleted too lest the spam continue working as spam via your response.

Chris has filters going and I have a method of reporting ones that get 
past the filters. However, if he's not around to run what he runs and to 
update the filters, sometimes they sit for a while on the web interface.

There is a web interface for deleting them too from the web server, but 
it's a clunky one at a time thing. I tend to let them sit rather than 
use it.

Aside: We're bound to delete somebody's real message at some point - 
sorry. Hard to know 100% some post are spam without taking a risk 
following the links - and I don't. Further, if you're someone who 
changes accounts frequently - you know who you are :-) - it's more 
likely one of your posts will get blasted at some point.

And yep, dealing the spam is pain.

Bill P.

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