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From: Alain Martel
Subject: Re: Immediately Tackle Down Login Hurdles With Yahoo Help Service
Date: 4 Dec 2019 14:06:35
Message: <5de7bd6b$1@news.povray.org>
Le 2019-12-04 à 05:10, Nancy Brown a écrit :
> Is there any kind of solution to tackle down login issues of Yahoo mail account?
> Arenât you capable of fixing these issues on your own, even with optimum ease?
> In such a critical situation, make proper utilization of Yahoo Help number which
> will immediately help you to have a word with the professionals and get the
> necessary aid. https://www.gonetech.net/yahoo-customer-service-number/

Scam and SPAM alert.

There are NO legitimate help number for Yahoo UNLESS you are using their 
paid subscription. In that case, you already have the number to call.

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