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From: Rune
Subject: POV-Ray Logo Competition
Date: 21 Feb 2000 21:59:15
Message: <38b1b533@news.povray.org>
I think POV-Ray should have a real logo.

Almost all major products, companies, organizations, etc., have their own
logo so they can be easily recognized. It strengthens the product (or
whatever) that they have both a name and a logo. The logo can be seen on the
products, in commercials for the product, on the product's website, maybe in
articles about the product, etc...

POV-Ray doesn't have a logo.

If POV-Ray got a logo it could be placed in the program, users can put it in
the corner of their images if they want to, on the website, in articles
about POV-Ray, plus in desktop themes and other things...

My opinions about logos:

Logos must be concrete. POV-Ray is known for the checkered plane and
reflective sphere. However, that alone doesn't make it POV-RAY's logo. A
logo must be an actual image. A little, very simple image that always look
the same way.

Logos must be simple. I would say a rule of thumb is that the logo must be
easily recognized in black and white (with no shades of gray), and in a very
little resolution.

And now to the point:

I've set up a competition about making the best logo for POV-Ray. It's not
official in any way (I'm not in charge of that), I just thought it would be
fun and interesting. The competition is held in povray.binaries.images. That
is also where you can read about the rules. I thought at some point a survey
could be made, where people could vote for their favorite logo.



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