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  Re: Smooth level for smooth_triangle.  
From: GioSeregni
Date: 23 Nov 2023 18:15:00
Message: <web.655fdc1284c692a3276109cb59126100@news.povray.org>
ok, after two days of going crazy I implemented a drastic and elementary
control. Then later I will see how to improve with the "weights" and the
individual vertices, but now I have chosen the simplest path.
I work with normalized normals. So, if two normals make an angle of about 90
degrees, their normalized distance is about 1.41
Around this value I abandon the smooth and use the simple triangle.
I still have a lot to work on, I will find many special cases along the way, but
in this rough way I get rid of the most conspicuous artefacts.

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