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  Re: povray vs uberpov am3  
From: Kenneth
Date: 17 Sep 2020 16:25:01
in Windows 7--
I finally downloaded UberPOV from Github after all these years(!), to give it a
try-- the 'plug-in' version that runs within v3.7.0. But I'm running into
problems with Ton's test scene, specifically his command-line settings of
           +d +p +q9 +am3 +a0.1 +ac0.9 +r6

The "+ac.0.9" command is not being recognized. (And yes, I specified #version
3.8 in the test scene itself, in global_settings). That seems strange, as Ton
gets his scene to work in UberPOV...at least in Linux.

The version of UberPOV I'm using is the 'latest' v1.37 (as of late 2016 I
think). Within v3.7.0, it actually shows up as "v3.8.0-alpha.9811560+av591"

But there is also a stand-alone version of UberPOV with its own installer that
Clipka created at an earlier date. I haven't tried that one yet.

Is there an operational difference between the plug-in version I'm using and the
stand-alone version, concerning the "ac0.9" command?

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