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  Re: Can we eliminate colour banding?  
From: jr
Date: 18 Aug 2020 16:55:00

"Kima" <nomail@nomail> wrote:
> I am struggling to find a way to visually eliminate colour banding. As I
> understand, there are two methods, but both just reduce banding, and they are
> still clearly visible.
> Consider a simple scene of
> camera {location <0,30,-12> look_at <0,0,0> angle 45  right 16/9*x up y}
> light_source{<-5,5,-3> color rgb<1,1,1>*0.7  }
> plane{<0,1,0>,0 pigment{color rgb<1,1,1>} }
> ...
> Do I miss something?

you appear to have better eyes than me.  :-)  I took the above, added a version
(3.8) and 'global_settings {assumed_gamma 1}', and rendered with '+ikima.pov +a
+am2' (PNG is default output format here).  since I could not see any banding, I
imported the PNG into a DF3 file, and found it has a small number of different
(colour) values.  added a 'parallel' keyword to the light, then repeated the
process.  this time the file contained only a single value.  so I suggest adding
'parallel' and enabling antialias for the render.  hth.

regards, jr.

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