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From: Bald Eagle
Date: 22 Dec 2019 17:30:01
> Op 22/12/2019 om 02:14 schreef AndreyG:

> > So you are saying in real life if I place glass perpendicularly to Sun rays and
> > camera axis will be perpendicular to glass surface there always be reflection?


Of course. The closer you are to a perfect 180-degree reflection, the brighter
it will be.  at exactly 90-degrees, we would expect there to be zero reflection.

Take a look at the basic Phong reflection model, and other to get an idea about
how it all works.



> > I make simplest geometry: camera and spotlight.
> > Spotlight points at camera, camera looks at spotlight.
> > For whatever reason camera does not see the light.

There is no light.   There's also no camera and no objects - there is only math.


Pov-Ray will ultimately interpret and render the "light" as a color closer to
whatever color the light source is defined as, but I do believe that Thomas
correctly surmised that POV-Ray needs that light to be reflected from an object
first.  Always try to have at least one object in your scene.

I see you're using version 3.7
I'd recommend using version 3.8, as there have been many bug fixes, and you will
be off to a better and more reliable start if you begin your learning with the
latest version.

The best thing to do would be to construct a standard scene for you to begin
experimenting with.  Then there will be far fewer unanticipated problems for you
to deal with when trying to render a real scene.

Learning how to use some of the conditional statements and features such as
sky_sphere will help you better grasp the effect that certain things have on how
things look.

Learn to define constants that can be used for things like colors and locations,
etc.  This will make writing scenes and debugging, and making changes later on
much much easier.

Welcome, and we hope you have lots of fun and enjoyment.  :)


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