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  color_maps : back to basics  
From: Leroy
Date: 12 Apr 2019 22:25:01
I was going through my old color maps that where made with my old map Maker
program. It was tedious loading each into the Maker just to view them. So.. I
wrote another program to View all the maps in a whole directory. After debugging
the View program with the help of Maker. I decide I would take all of the color
maps that comes in POV's standard include files and organize them and save 'em.
 More than half way through this task of finding and organizing the color maps,
I realized that I was lazy in writing the Maker program. First I did have paste
in the program but no key shortcut. That was no problem to fix, 10 minutes and
it was done. The next thing is a little more complicated.
 When I set up the Maker program I built is from the display toward the code.
That is there is a 255 limit to the number of elements in a color map. So the
display shows 255 colors. Each element has a placement value of a multiple of
1/254 (.003937007874). I had decide to only print out 6 digits of these numbers.
But that not really important there has to be a limit somewhere. What is
important is that some simple numbers are left out of this arrangement. Like
0.1,0.25,.3 and so on. Most if not all of POV's included color maps uses these

 So before I rewrite Maker I'd like some input as to how to go about it.

Color map Maker is at http://leroyw.byethost15.com/SubPages/Win_Programs.html

I really need to KISS(keep it simple stupid).

Thanks for any input!

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