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  Locking for a solution to create backlight functionality  
From: povray
Date: 18 Mar 2019 23:10:00
Hi Folks,
I#m new to this forum. Hi everybody!

As the subject already tells I'm searching for a solution to design for example
a screen of a mobile phone, where I can use a PNG file as a screenshot that
should be iluminated like on a real backlighted screen of a mobile.

Therefore I found two solution, but non of them I'm glad with.

First atempt:
#macro DisplayWithPicture(CenterPos,Diagonale, RatioXY, PicturePathName)

  #local SizeY = Diagonale / sqrt((RatioXY*RatioXY+1));
  #local SizeX = SizeY * RatioXY;
  #local Dimension = <SizeX/2,SizeY/2,SizeY/2000>;
  #local PosEdge2 = CenterPos+Dimension;
  #local PosEdge1 = CenterPos-Dimension;

    light_source {
      color rgb<1.00, 1.00, 1.00>*10

    box { PosEdge1, PosEdge2
        pigment {
            png PicturePathName
            map_type 0
            filter all 0
          } // end of image_map,
          scale <SizeX,SizeY,0>
          translate PosEdge1

#end // of DisplayWithPicture
This works first of all, but by placing the union of light_source and box with
the translate command to another position the light_source is not moved

Second atempt:
I was using the same box but I added interior defintion to act like a light

  interior {
    media {
      emission color rgb<1.0,1.0,1.0>*1.75

But I'm also not successfull with this solution.
- The box ist not iluminated consistent
- As the box goes thin like a film the ilumination reduces to zero


What else could I do to achiv a screen with backlight?

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