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  Bezier spline approximations to circles  
From: JimT
Date: 22 Jan 2019 15:25:00
Just so it didn't get lost in an old post...

I was in a rush when I replied last time and didn't have this to hand. Second

If you want a Bezier Spline approximation to an arc of a circle subtending angle
theta at the centre, the four control points are

(1,0), (1,a), (cos(theta) + asin(theta),sin(theta) -

where a = (8/3)(sin(theta/2) - sin(theta)/2)/(1-cos(theta))

As mentioned before, this is tangent to the circle at theta/2 as well as the
endpoints and outside the circle otherwise.  For theta = pi/2 the defect is
0.03% of the radius. For theta = pi it is 1.8%, still not bad, but for theta =
5pi/4 it is an unusable 7.6%.

Tweaking a to have the spline cross the circle twice reduces the error only to
about 70% of the value given and is probably not worth it.

If anyone wants code for a single segment Bezier Spline sphere sweep, I will
post it again, since the last time was years ago.

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