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  Patchy stuff  
From: Christopher James Huff
Date: 26 Feb 2005 16:05:23
Message: <cjameshuff-11441F.16053826022005@news.povray.org>
Here's the current state of MegaPOVPlus, my patch collection built on 
MegaPOV 1.1. The archive is a complete Unix source distribution of 
MegaPOV 1.1, with my patches applied. Unfortunately, I don't have time 
to produce as complete of a release this time, with only sketchy 
documentation and a handful of demo and testing files, but I will be 
happy to answer questions.


Here are some highlights:

crackle optimizations

2D crackle

voronoi pattern (similar to crackle, but you specify the points)

enhanced function patterns (ray direction and normal are now available 
to function patterns)

lewis smooth noise generator

blob2 object (a new version of the blob object, which supports more 
components and gives smoother looking results)

updated glow patch

Various algorithm improvements, reorganization, and other stuff that may 
be useful to other patch coders.

Christopher James Huff <cja### [at] gmailcom>
POV-Ray TAG: <chr### [at] tagpovrayorg>

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