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  Re: df3Maker in C++  
From: Chris Huff
Date: 6 Jul 2000 06:45:17
Message: <chrishuff-1B6E1C.05453006072000@news.povray.org>
In article <396419CD.2C632411@nospamthanks.hotmail.com>, Pabs 
<pab### [at] nospamthankshotmailcom> wrote:

> It is not all that complex an app - you could propably rewrite it in 
> an hr or two for the Mac (if standard low level & stream I/O libs 
> exist on the Mac) Sorry Mark I didn't mean any offense but it is true 
> :)

Probably true, for someone who knows what they are doing...however, I am 
very inexperienced with file I/O. I have never written a program that 
used binary files, for example. And the only program I have written that 
takes file input was a particle simulator :-), which took a simple scene 
description as input. (standard C and C++ functions are available with 
all major development environments, BTW.)

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