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18 May 2024 05:29:56 EDT (-0400)
  Re: Why is radiosity importance set in the default{} block?  
From: Alain Martel
Date: 17 Jan 2024 13:24:40
Message: <65a81b68$1@news.povray.org>
Le 2024-01-17 à 03:29, William F Pokorny a écrit :
> Does anyone know why the global 'radiosity { importance <float> }' 
> setting ended up in the default{} block rather than in 'global_settings{ 
> radiosity {} }' block along with the other global radiosity settings(a)?
> I'm likely going to dump the 'default{}' block altogether in my yuqk 
> fork(b). Not much in the way of doing it - except, there is this global, 
> radiosity, importance option sitting in there. It seems out of place to 
> me and I don't immediately see a reason for the set up in the internal 
> code...
> Am I missing reason(s) it made sense for this importance option alone of 
> the global radiosity settings to be in the default{} block?
> Thanks.
> Bill P.
> (a) - Or, as one of the effective ini / flag radiosity globals?
> (b) - There are too many side-effects to having 'major version defaults' 
> which are not in fact fixed version defaults.

My guess :
importance is an object property, just like a pigment, texture or 
finish. You set it globally in the default block to set the default 
importance value to be used by most objects, and you set it per object 
to a larger value for relatively small and bright objects.

The default block is used to set some default properties for objects 
that don't have explicit properties.
Originally, it was used to set a default texture or texture component 
such as pigment or finish. It have been extended to also be able to set 
default interior, SSLT and radiosity properties of objects.

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