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  Re: povray vs uberpov am3  
From: Alain Martel
Date: 17 Sep 2020 17:55:24
Le 2020-09-17 à 12:21, Kenneth a écrit :
> in Windows 7--
> I finally downloaded UberPOV from Github after all these years(!), to give it a
> try-- the 'plug-in' version that runs within v3.7.0. But I'm running into
> problems with Ton's test scene, specifically his command-line settings of
>             +d +p +q9 +am3 +a0.1 +ac0.9 +r6
> The "+ac.0.9" command is not being recognized. (And yes, I specified #version
> 3.8 in the test scene itself, in global_settings). That seems strange, as Ton
> gets his scene to work in UberPOV...at least in Linux.
> The version of UberPOV I'm using is the 'latest' v1.37 (as of late 2016 I
> think). Within v3.7.0, it actually shows up as "v3.8.0-alpha.9811560+av591"
> But there is also a stand-alone version of UberPOV with its own installer that
> Clipka created at an earlier date. I haven't tried that one yet.
> Is there an operational difference between the plug-in version I'm using and the
> stand-alone version, concerning the "ac0.9" command?

The «plugin» version need to reside in a sub-folder of another 
installation. It piggy back on another installed version.

The «stand alone» is similar but come with all the other files of a 
standard version. As the stand alone  version is older, it may contain 
some bugs that where fixed in the later version, and lack some 
optimizations and features.

You may want to install the standalone version, then, replace the 
executable with the latest version.

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