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  Re: Peak memory usage  
From: Thorsten
Date: 14 Sep 2020 11:01:50
On 13.09.2020 10:59, Bill Pragnell wrote:
> I remember older versions of POV-Ray would report the peak memory usage of a
> render in the statistics, which I occasionally found useful (planning stupidly
> complicated scenes etc). Apparently this statistic is no longer reported by more
> recent versions. Of course process memory can be monitored with OS tools, but it
> was such a convenient place to see it I find myself wondering why it was
> removed. Anybody know what happened to it?

It wasn't removed, the data is just no longer available in 3.7 and later 
because it used to be collected by a non-thread-safe addition and 
subtraction. Back when 3.7 was developed, there was no thread-safe AND 
portable way to do this.

With the atomic integer functions in the newer STLs (C++ 2014 and 
forward, I think) that has been solved, but now this would require also 
overloading the default allocators for new and delete given most 
allocation works by way of the STL rather than malloc and free.


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