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  Re: parabolic mirror  
From: Alain Martel
Date: 17 Aug 2020 15:45:09
Le 2020-08-16 à 06:24, ttyUSB0 a écrit :
> Thanks to everyone!
> I read the Photons section and understood where to dig.
> Why is the light reflected so weakly? The count parameter does not affect the
> illumination.
The count or spacing parameter have no effect on the intensity of the 
caustic, only the intensity of the light source.
High count, or small spacing, will result in finer smoother results. The 
reason is simple : The amount of light, or it's intensity, reaching the 
surface is evenly distributed among all the photons shot toward that 

Next contributing factor : The effective reflectivity of the surface. As 
your reflection value is 1, you can't get more without breaking physics. 
In fact, a value of 1 is not quite realistic as there are no reflector 
capable of reflecting 100% of the incident light.

Finally is the position of your target screen relative to the focal 
point. At the focal point you should have a very small, but very bright, 
spot. Moving in or out, the illuminated spot get broader, but also dimmer.

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