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  Re: parabolic mirror  
From: Le Forgeron
Date: 15 Aug 2020 13:50:21
Le 15/08/2020 à 13:59, ttyUSB0 a écrit :
> Hello!
> Can't implement a parabolic mirror.
> The scene is as follows: a parallel stream of light, a parabolic mirror (white,
> in the example it is blue-red), in the focus of which is a white plate. The
> camera shoots this plate from the back. I expect that the mirror will reflect
> the light and the plate will be illuminated from back, but it is fully dark, and
> this does not correspond to physics .. What to do?
> "cmd": ["povray","$file", "+D", "+P", "+H400", "+W400", "+Fng", "+A", "+AM2",
> "+Q11"],

you need photons !

see scenes/advanced/optics.pov

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