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  Re: New Get macro  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 3 Aug 2020 13:04:40
On 8/3/20 2:01 AM, ingo wrote:
> in news:web.5f0cba1a35748460e3ef795d0@news.povray.org Leroy wrote:
>>   So I combine them by using the Get variable. If the Get variable was
>>   not
> This is what I add to the bottom of my include files
> #if(input_file_name="yourfile.inc")
>     put the test scene here
> #end
> When the .inc file is included from somewhere it does not render the test
> scene. If run solo it renders the test.
> Ingo

Thank you! A neat trick. Happens I was recently thinking about the lack 
of general testing of the shipped include files. I have Worries a few 
macros might not be working properly glancing at the code.

Bill P.

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