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  Re: How do you optimise +A +R +J?  
From: Alain Martel
Date: 14 Jul 2020 16:29:17
Le 2020-07-14 à 08:02, Kima a écrit :
> The default setting of POV-Ray, which is
> +A0.3
> +R3
> +J1
> is sufficient for most scene. However, in some cases, we need a higher accuracy
> to have smooth edges. For examples, I found we have dark pixels at the edges of
> spline made of sphere when the path is a straight diagonal line. However, this
> is highly scene-dependent (light, contrast, etc).
> All three parameters can contribute to a smooth edge, but massively increases
> the rendering time in this order (R > A > J).
> In most cases, it is just overkill.
> Do you have any suggestion for optimising these values to get the highest
> visible quality while minimising the rendering time?

You may want to use +am2 instead of the default of +am1.
am1 tend to get jaggies at the edges of the render blocks, using am2 
solves this.

Using a smaller A value is often enough. I routinely use +a0.1, down to 

Increasing R is often useless unless you use +am3. In that case, using 
+r4 or +r5 is often required.
Using larger value here is normally overkill.

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