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  Re: How to change ambient RGB of a material within Blender (for POV-ray)??  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 5 Jul 2020 12:23:30
On 7/5/20 5:26 AM, tmelram wrote:
> Hi. I'm working on an animation project and I'd to use Blender in conjunction
> with POV-Ray (as the renderer ). Blender's POV Ray plugin is generally very
> accurate but there is one thing that I'd like to be able to change within
> Blender for POV Ray: The ambient rgb(ambient color)
You perhaps need one of the blender guys, but there is in 
global_settings {} an option called ambient_light which you can set. 
Say, ambient_light color rgb <0.7,0,0> such that the all ambient colors
in a scene get multiplied by that value.

If you are not using radiosity and the emission finish components have 
the rgb sliders/settings you need, perhaps using emission over ambient 
and option.

You could also add a low intensity shadowless light of the color tint 
you want, but it would be applied to all surfaces. Everything would be 
tinted. Negative shadowless lights an option too which - depending - 
might give you better control.

Note ambient >0 is applied as an adder to the resultant color everywhere 
in much the way a shadowless light is. Meaning, you'll get a less 
visible tint in lit areas too with the ambient_light option. This can be 
compensated for somewhat by tweaking your normal light source colors.

Bill P.

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